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The Saratoga Battle Chapter - Sons of the American Revolution encourages chapter members to assist the General Peter Gansevoort Chapter – NSDAR by getting the word out to the community about a very important fund raising effort to repair and operate the Historic Van Schaick Mansion.

The Project:

(sourced from an open letter to mansion visitors)

"This letter asks your support for the Van Schaick Mansion Project. The Van Schaick Mansion, a precious jewel in our nation's history, served as military headquarters for the French and Indian Wars and for the Northern Army in anticipation of the Battles of Saratoga. But, did you know that the historic Van Schaick Mansion is an architectural gem, combining influences from the English, Dutch, Flemish, Danish, Norwegian, African, and Spanish cultures in its many-storied rooms, and is the only structure of its kind still in existence in this country?

We are indebted to individual DAR members and to community patrons who have helped us keep the mansion operating in the black since our purchase of the house in 2001, but we must now reach out to our visitors to ask that you consider helping us repair our roof.

This precious historical mansion built circa 1735, requires ongoing structural preservation. Our most pressing issue is the stabilization of the roof. Although we have a daily operating cost of $45, or $16,425 annually, the roof itself will cost $12,500. Now we are at a critical point where we must ask our visitors and our community to help us keep the mansion going – and our first priority is our roof.

The mansion oversight committee has decided that this is a reachable amount and is asking each of you to help us meet this goal. The committee is offering an opportunity to you to memorialize your donation with a brick installed in our "Walkway to the Past." Whatever amount you can offer is graciously accepted, but if an individual donates an amount of $250, we offer a free brick (value of $50). If an individual donates $500, we offer a free large brick (value of $100) for installation.

Additionally, donors will be invited to our special events such as NYS Heritage Day held on June 9, 2013. We also maintain a plaque in the front hallway of the mansion updated each year, and it acknowledges the donation of $1,000 or more from individuals, families and organizations who help us keep the mansion going. Finally, our donors will be invited to a V.I.P. Tour of the Mansion where we will display the treasures of this house.

We thank you in advance for your support, and we encourage you to visit the house: We have recently joined the Blue Star Museums and this past summer offered free admission to active duty members of the military and their families..."

"... We invite your participation as we offer tours, special speakers and presenters, and we appreciate your support. Our chapter did a good thing in 2001 when we purchased the house, and now, 12 years on, we have accomplished many more good things.

(For example: 2008 named to the NYS Revolutionary War Heritage Trail; 2011 Cemetery Restoration Project completed; 2013 Award of DAR Historic Preservation Medal to Mr. David John Kehn for his decade of service to the Van Schaick Mansion.) We need your support and your willingness to help spread the story of the historic Van Schaick Mansion."

The Charge:

Saratoga Battle Chapter wishes the General Peter Gansevoort Chapter – NSDAR success in this fund raising campaign. We hope chapter members will assist by passing this information along to our community at large, and if so inclined, will also consider making a donation to this cause.

Links are provided below for more information and brick order forms.

Old Van Schaick Mansion Postcard

Links for more information:

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