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We have established several categories of what we hope are useful links dealing with Revolutionary War lineage societies, links to help prove your ancestry to a Revolutionary War patriot ancestor and local Revolutionary War tourist sites and sites of upcoming commemorative events that periodically occur in our historic area. We continually review our link categories and we may from time to time add, change or delete categories. The categories are designed help the member, prospective member or interested surfer link to another site.

We link to:

Revolutionary War Lineage Societies -

  • The Sons of the American Revolution
We link to our National and State Society sites. To help prospective members, and others find a NYS chapter and contact person in their locality, we provide links to all chapter websites within our State Society or a referral to our State site for a contact name.
  • The Daughters of the American Revolution
    and Children of the American Revolution
We link to the National and New York State sites and to any known local sites. Other local chapters exist and contacts for those chapters can be found on their New York State or National sites.

  • Other Revolutionary War Lineage Societies
We provide links to National, New York State and local sites. There may be other sites that we are unaware of.

Revolutionary War Genealogy Resources -

We recognize that we have just scratched the surface in this category as many other exceptional sites exist. Our breakdown of sites are intended to be informational and do not reflect our views on these sites. For example, both and offer some information free of charge, but the information needed to prove your genealogy, if found, can be often only be documented by purchasing a subscription.

Revolutionary War Sites Near Saratoga Springs -

We have included sites in and around the New York State Capital/Saratoga Region that relate to Revolutionary War history. The sites are within riding distance by car through beautiful, scenic country. There are many other historic sites both pre- and post- Revolutionary War in our area.

Revolutionary War Events Occurring In Our Area -

We have included sites relating to events that celebrate or commemorate only Revolutionary War history.

Local Sites That Include Revolutionary Events -

We have included sites that include, but are not limited to, events that celebrate or commemorate only Revolutionary War history. Many other events and sites that are not related to the Revolution occur and exist in these sites.

Revolutionary War - Related Author Links -

Links to sites about Revolutionary War and Colonial period works that some may be interested in. We do not endorse these works or the authors and we may or may not have read or reviewed these materials. The links are provided on an "information only" basis.

Family History/Genealogy Resources for Young People -

Our Links Page has become a popular resource for young people and students of all ages (and their teachers). We encourage learning the process of developing/building family trees, and especially finding family ancestors who were Patriots. At the suggestion of one of our young researchers, we've recently added a links category to our page with useful resources for learning how to build a family tree and researching the history of homesteads. We're happy to consider adding additional links to this category as they come to our attention.

If you would like us to consider linking to your site, click here to submit a request form.

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