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Contests and Awards

We participate in both the Eagle Scout and the Knight Essay Contests. The Eagle Scout Contest is open to active Eagle Scouts under age 19. While the Chapter and State Society offer nominal prizes, the National Society offers an $8,000 first prize. See our Eagle Scout Brochure or contact our Eagle Scout Committee Chair for more information. The Knight Essay Contest also offers modest Chapter and State Society awards. However, the National Society first prize is $2,000. Please Click Here for contest rules and deadlines or contact the Knight Essay Committee Chair.


The Chapter participates in ROTC and JROTC ceremonies at local colleges and high schools and awards SAR medals and certificates to deserving candidates that are selected by their schools. If your school would like information on these awards, please contact our ROTC/JROTC Committee Chair.

The National Society Children of the American Revolution

The Saratoga Battle Chapter co-sponsors two local C.A.R. chapters. The Bemis Heights Society is sponsored with the Saratoga and Willard's Mountain Chapters, NSDAR and the Schuyler Society is sponsored with the General Peter Gansevoort Chapter, NSDAR. Membership in the C.A.R. is open to any boy or girl, under age 21, who lineally descends from an ancestor who supported the cause for America's Independence. Children have the opportunity to learn about America's colonial history and her fight for freedom through interesting and educational programs and activities. By doing this, they are taking what often seems to them as distant and boring events into "fun stuff". The children are given an opportunity to learn about and appreciate the heritage that is so important to us.

Youth Membership

Young men under age 18 may join the Society. There are two classes of membership; Youth Registrants and Junior Members. Youth Registrants have their applications submitted to the Society but, if accepted, the membership is escrowed until they reach age 18 at which time they become eligible to join. No dues are payable and they have no SAR benefits other than a pre-approved application - see the Youth Registrant Brochure. Junior Members do belong to the SAR and must also go through the application process. These members must agree to become members of the Children of the American Revolution (the C.A.R.). They pay SAR dues but have no voting or other member benefits in the Society. However, their C.A.R. dues are paid by the SAR. At age 18 their membership is automatically switched to the SAR and the have full SAR benefits. For more on either program, contact our Registrar.

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